Technologies of Real Time


We begin our process in the Research and Development department, where specialists with years of experience work for. The products' quality is the main goal for each producer. Our specialists adhere to the tasks setting in their work, constantly improving the production process, mastering the latest technologies and achievements in modern science. 

The laboratory of our company with the help of the latest automated equipment, conducts tests of details on the hardness of the material; on the quality of the coating with the help of salt fog; at different temperatures, tests the detail of the product; checks the quality of the welding seam using a bursting test machine. The detail passes the exact control of the parameters, and the indicators are checked against the design documentation and the claimed requirements.

We use the most modern automated machines for metal cutting to the right size, which allow us to obtain a high-precision size and reduce the amount of waste in the process of further production.


For parts, we use the most sophisticated technology of hot stamping. Induction automatic oven, heating up to 1050 C degree, glows and softens the metal. After that, the hammer is giving a preliminary shape. Metal details are sent to the friction, dougostator and crank hot stamping presses with a gain up to 600 tons, where in a few steps they become as a detail and follow on to further processing.




After that the product is moved to a hardening and annealing furnace for heat-treatment. In our hardening and annealing furnaces, we use modern temperature degree control systems for distribution, which makes it possible to evenly temper all parts.


The company "Technologies of Real Time" applies the latest technology of cold stamping in production. It is a complex technology. As a starter, the metal must be prepared in several steps: annealing, which contributes to the softening of the metal and saponification, which is necessary to achieve slip in the process of manufacturing parts. With the help of pressure up to 500 tons of hydraulic press, the metal workpieces acquire a preliminary shape of crosses, bodies and fingers for ball supports and tips.

We use cold sheet stamping, where with the help of a crank press with reinforcement up to 200 tons, components for control arm are made. The equipment of the company "Technologies of Real Time" allows to achieve high quality of production.

The prepared parts undergo to the operation of thread rolling and grinding the sphere. A group of automatic lathes and milling machines with numerical program control (CNC) by HAAS are used for processing, reaming and milling blanks, boring holes, removing metal from the surface. For the highest precision and maximum speed, we use Japanese cutting tool, with which we can achieve a high level of surface cleanliness.

To ensure consistently high welding quality, we use Panasonic Automatic High-Speed Welding Robots. For programming and setting up welding robots, we’re trained by Panasonic specialists. The main task of the employee is to change the details in a timely manner. 

According to the world standards of automotive industry, the company "Technologies of Real Time" uses electrophoresis coating. We use the high-quality paint of the famous brand UZDONGJU, which is also the main supplier of GM Uzbekistan. The painting line is fully automated and takes 1.5 hours.

Verified parts are moved to the modern automatic conveyor assembly line, where under the strict person's guidance, the details are gathered in the right design. On automated first-class machines, in several steps, parts are assembled, label and take the final view. Each operation is strictly controlled by the technical control department in order to achieve the excellent quality of the parts produced.



High technologies lead the company "Technologies of Real Time" to success. We try to bring out our products to different markets using the latest generation of technologies, and do not recognize compromises in the field of quality.