Technologies of Real Time

Suspension arms

The production of TRT levers uses a design developed by the specialists of the leading automakers, which has an "intensified" zone in the area of attachment of the ball bearing, which in conventional levers is the weakest point of the whole assembly. Levers are made of cold rolled steel sheet with high strength, anti-corrosion characteristics. The parts are painted on an automatic electro-deposit line using paint materials used on the GM Uzbekistan conveyor. The steering rod works in extremely unfavorable conditions: in the zone of environmental impact and under constantly changing loads. It follows that they must have a significant margin of safety.
To this end, the designers of our company JV Technologies of Real Time made the TRT tailpipes as durable as possible:
  • The body of the tip of the TRT tie rod is obtained by the method of packing. For comparison, in the same way, receive camshafts to cars, and this speaks about the increased requirements to the strength of the product.
  • The ball pin of the TRT tie rod end is made of 12ХН steel by the method of cold volumetric stamping and subjected to special heat treatment..
  • The liner (slide bearing) ensures the smooth steering of the ball pin. The insert of the tip of the TRT steering rod is made of a modern wear-resistant material and has increased antifriction properties, which improves friction characteristics. The presence of high-quality lubricant guarantees perfect operation of the tip of the TRT tie rod during the entire service life.
  • The tip bottom of the tie rod end is rolling, since this process is more technological and with it the necessary characteristics are achieved. Today, you can still meet and twisting the bottom (nut) and the lock ring. Both in processability, and as the given design will be inferior to rolling, as it is known that the simpler the design - the more reliable the product.
  • Brass anodizing of the body and washer of the steering rod end
  • TRT is a good protection against corrosion.
  • The protective casing of the TRT tie rod end is made of frost-resistant EPDM rubber with increased elasticity.
  • The output inspection by ultrasonic diagnostics completely excludes the presence of manufacturing defects and cracks in the body and finger of the tip of the TRT steering rod.