Technologies of Real Time

Front stabilizer

The part is designed to increase the stability of the car while driving, as well as to reduce the possible roll of the car when entering the turn area or making sharp maneuvers. TRT stabilizers are manufactured from high quality raw materials through careful processing. In production, the most advanced technologies for the application of high-performance materials have been introduced. Racks of polymer-composite materials do not require protection from corrosion have a higher elasticity and lower weight, which provides a more smooth ride of the car. The tips of the steering rods operate in extremely unfavorable conditions: in the zone of environmental impact and under constantly changing loads. It follows that they must have a significant margin of safety. To this end, the designers of our company JV Technologies of Real Time made the TRT tailpipes as durable as possible.
  • The use of special contact semi-automatic welding of hinge housings with a stabilizer rod rod provides a three-fold safety margin for welded seams.
  • The ball pin is made of heat-treated high-quality alloy steel.
  • The sphere and fillet of the finger are further strengthened by the rolling of rollers.
  • The thread, for increasing the fatigue strength, is performed by rolling.
  • Used polymer materials - the company Dupont. Inserts - from polyamide with high antifriction, strength properties and a small shrinkage range, have grooves for retaining lubricant and removing wear products.
  • Protective covers - high-quality oil-benzo-ozone-resistant thermoplastic material, which has high strength, elasticity and frost resistance, which together with the sealing rings of the cover ensure reliable protection of the products from the effects of environmental factors.
  • The products have an anti-corrosion coating.
  • The lubricants used are designed for operation under severe conditions and a wide temperature range. A high-quality lubricant is applied to the sphere of the finger. High-quality ozone-light-oil-benzo-resistant rubber compounds are used for the rubber bushes of the pillars.